Welcome to The Lantzrood!

The Old World has fallen silent. No expedition sent back to the Human homelands has returned for over a year, and overnight the steady stream of migrants that have fed the Human expansion in the New World has stopped. Nobody knows what has happened, but the isolation is throttling the Lantzrood and threatening the peace that has stood for over two centuries. The Hertzog (Dukes) are sharpening their knives, and turning their attention on their neighbors to fill the gaps in their coffers.

To the south, the ancient and powerful Lai Giin empire is still stinging from their defeat at the hands of the invading Humans. The High Family lost the northern continent fairly by right of conquest, but now they want it back. Trade with their border city is getting more and more difficult for humans, and the garrison at the Fortress of the Moon has doubled in size in the last year. If the Hobgoblins march to war, the Lantzrood may no longer have the manpower to stop them.

In the west, the Elves of the western mountains still sit in their halls and mourn the loss of their Storm Giant masters. After centuries of paralysis, they are finally stirring after word has reached them of Human desecration of Storm Giant ruins in the city of Hantzerweg. The local elves have risen up, but without the aid of their mountain brethren, they will surely perish.

Through all of this, the Gnomes sit to the north and watch the situation of their Human allies worsen. They, too, have lost contact with their homelands in the Old World, but for them the situation is even more dire. The New World has never been seen by the Gnomes as an independent entity, and rather than the loss of an important trading partner the effect of the sudden severance is more like a decapitation. The Gnomes need to re-establish leadership and decide what to do next. Do they aid their Human allies, or focus on regaining contact with their homeland?

The New World is a melting pot of opportunity and danger. Where will the loyalties of our bold Adventurers fall? And what part will they play in the fate of these powerful nations?

Bridge Over the Gu-Hai