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Here you will find all the information you need on the setting for this game. It is important to note that this is merely the seed from which the game will spring, and it is intended to be an outline of the main political factions, their cultures and territories. Characters can come from these groups, or from somewhere completely different.


Arguably the most ambitious and expansionist race at the current time. Humans are viewed by the ancient cultures indigenous to the ‘New World’ as dangerous barbarians, but they are also afforded the respect their formidable power entitles them to.

The Human faction in this game is based loosely on medieval europe, and early America. Their homeland was a mess of tiny kingdoms constantly warring with one another. A brief spell of peace facilitated their invasion of the Hobgoblins northern territories, and the subsequent breakdown of alliances at home left the Dukes of the new Lantzrood free to do whatever they wish.

Human adventurers are usually resourceful and quick-witted rogues and wanderers. The New World is a frontier, with few rules and plenty of loot for those who know where to look.


An ancient superpower, the Hobgoblins were caught unprepared by the Human invasion and have been waiting patiently for the right time to get even ever since. Their empire covers the entire southern continent, and their grip on their remaining territory is absolute. Unlike the northern ‘Barbarians’, they are civilised, established and fiercely loyal.

Hobgoblins are based loosely on the civilisations of ancient Cambodia and Vietnam. The average Hobgoblin, Orc, or Goblin adventurer is either a proud servant of an ancient empire, walking in honour for the good of his people, or a dark outcast tortured by his fall from grace.


Elves are an indigenous species native to the northern continent. They are spread throughout the Lantzrood, and generally keep to themselves. The only soveriegn Elven Nation is that of the Zu Lin, in the west. There, the last wardens of the Storm Giants care for their halls and await their return. Elves are not considered to be a threat by any of the major factions, and those within the Lantzrood are regarded as thieving vagrants and little more. Recently however an organised insurgency has started around the city of Hantzerweg, and it threatens to drag the Zu Lin into a war that would go badly for everyone involved.

Elves are based loosely on the Himelayan people. They are a stagnating race of servants, bred by the Storm Giants. Elven characters might be looking to bring about the Storm Giant’s return, or might just be looking to get rich and stop having to lick boots just to stay alive.


Long ago, the Gnomes faced a choice. To make all-out war on their human neighbors, with no guarantee of victory, or to start a long-term policy of co-operation that would hopefully allow the Gnomes enough influence to guarantee their own safety. They chose the latter, and ever since then the Gnomes have existed as the left hand of the Humans.

Gnomes are not just tools however. They have enormous power. Their mages and inventors are the driving force that keeps the Gnomes ahead of their Human allies. Gnome magic revolves around fate and fortune, and their magic makes them excellent traders.

The Gnomes are based on Mongols, Scots and other hardy, cold climate people. They are not the gaudy, ridiculous Gnomes of other settings. Instead Gnome characters are horse-born raiders, canny traders and powerful magic users. As there are no Dwarves in this setting (at least not on the surface) the Gnomes are the predominant technologists. Their superior firearm technology and airships have given them an edge that is difficult to beat.

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